Hi, my name is Veronica Swallow. I’m a mother of two awesome boys and am very lucky to be married to an awesome man. I currently reside in Yuma, AZ, where we have lived for a little over a year and came here due to a great job opportunity for my husband.

I truly believe I was born with a camera under my arm. I grew up around people who were constantly taking pictures, my great-grandfather always carried a camera with him and captured every single moment of my childhood.  Around my teenage years I started to do some snapshots myself with my parent’s camera, and was named the official photographer of the family. Always felt the satisfaction and emotion after capturing an amazing moment.

It wasn’t until college when I really felt passionate about photography. I took several courses of photography, while studying Communications and got my very first PENTAX 1000 manual camera, which I treated like my own child. It was a very exciting moment. And this is where all began.

Being a mommy and a photographer at the same time is rather difficult, I’m keeping very busy these days trying to balance my two passions in life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! From the moment you contact me to inquire about a session up to the point I start taking pictures I commit myself 100% to each client and I make sure each session is special. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. I want my photos to reflect you.

I take pictures on location with natural light, most of the time I will be constantly snapping, even when you don’t realize it. I love candid & natural. I will direct you at times with some poses but I’m open for suggestions, remember you get to keep these pictures so your input is very important.

My job is to capture those special moments that you aren’t getting back. Those moments that stay with you printed on a piece of paper forever. I want you to look back at those pictures and remember how fun and special it was.


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