My Junior Prom : Aysia

When I get a call asking me to do prom pictures I get super excited as I have fantastic memories of my prom in High School. I look back at those pictures and it’s very sweet to go back to that day when I’m getting ready to the most awaited day of my high school years…

Aysia is a Junior at Yuma Catholic, and her mom wanted to take pictures of her gorgeous daughter before going to prom. She chose the location, and we set time and date for picture day. This day will be memorable for many reasons, one being the fact that that morning we had 35mph winds and I had to cancel other sessions I had, I was really praying that it didn’t conflict with this prom session.

I arrived at the location, and we started taking pictures outside, and we moved in to the house, and boy I will tell you that house was beautiful and the perfect place for this pictures. Later into the session, Aysia’s date arrived and we took a few pictures of both of them together, and of course we had to finish with the classic “selfie” with her cell phone!

I’m super excited to share this beautiful images of this young lady, I hope she treasures these and later in life she looks at them and rememberabout her amazing times in High School.

These are only some of my favorites.

© Veronica Swallow Photography

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