Our Dunes Adventure

I recently got asked to do a session at the dunes, and I planned a super especial one for this family of three who was overdue for pictures… We based our styled session on a vintage red truck they own and then I gave some ideas to Little Miss Priss and she came up with the cutest set up for this session.

We wanted to ride together so we met over at the Home Depot and once we got there I realized I had forgotten a very important thing, yep, my camera!!!, so hubby to the rescue and we hit the road. Before I continue with this awesome story i must add something, we were riding a truck with a trailer carrying the red truck.. OK, so back to the story.. We get to the Dunes but were trying to find the perfect spot, so i suggested to get the red truck down, all hop back and go find the location. So we did, we left the other truck with the trailer attached behind, and off we went.

Found the spot, and while Chantel got working n the styling of the truck, I took the family pictures, at the dunes, and left the truck one to the end… It’s a wrap!!! we’re done, let’s go!!.. umm, not so fast.. the red truck wasn’t starting… and our other vehicle was at least a couple miles away… So, Dad walked away to get the other truck, or help for that matter.. He finally came back, and was ready to jump start the red truck, when while he was backing up he got stuck in the sand… Finally, after a while and many attempts he got it out.. Now it was just a matter of getting the red truck going, putting it up on the trailer and hit the road back home… We got a little hand by a couple of Border Patrol agents, and once we got out we were happy everyone was ok and we were heading fun…

I’ll tell you, not a boring moment on my sessions.. they’re all a fun adventure.. and after analyzing this whole ordeal, I can tell you without hesitation: IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!… just look at the awesome images we captured that night.

© Veronica Swallow Photography


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