A non-smashed SMASH CAKE!

When I get an inquiry about the smash cake session I have to tell my clients that there’s a big possibility that their kiddo will not like the cake and/or that it will not go as they plan… Most likely the kiddo will have a blast and smash the whole thing, but when you are 1 nobody is going to make you like something you don’t, no matter how much silly talk, or crazy jumps mommy does.

This session was no exception to that statement, Rylen was just not willing to touch his cake.. Mommy and Daddy came to the rescue a couple of times, put some cookies behind the cake, but nothing.

It was for sure an action packed morning and we all definitely were ready for a nap after we were done. I think the pictures of little Rylen are adorable cake smashed or not!!! Here are just some of my favorites.


cake by: Not just a cake lady_MG_7720 copy

for inquiries of smash cake sessions please contact me : veronica.swallow@gmail.com


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