Couples Boudoir: For your eyes only

Last year I decided to explore different areas of photography to really find what I love to do the most. I did a couple of LIFESTYLE sessions, which I loved. The Senior sessions I did, I absolutely loved. But the one kind of session that I had never done and did for the very first time, Boudoir, I completely fell in love with. I felt in complete artistic, creative control and cannot believe how incredible all the images turned out. Last year only I did 5 sessions. Unfortunately for me, and for you cause you won’t get to see them, those are not pictures that I will publish due to privacy agreements with the clients. So, how will you get to see my work??? I decided to offer a session to a couple who would let me show the images for advertisement purposes.

This lovely couple agreed and I’m so excited I get to show you their amazing images. Which I got to show in Mexico, and will get to share those images as well soon.

This is my Boudoir work…




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