The first one on 2014!

The year 2013 brought me so much, and I’m so thankful for all my clients that had put me where I am right now. Doing what I love as a living is the most rewarding thing not only professionally but personally, and I’m blessed I can manage to do it while staying at home taking care of my little ones.

What an excellent way to start my 2014 than with a double-session, if we can call it that. I met this family back in 2012 when I took his very first Halloween pictures, and have done a couple more of him, but I was very anxious to do the whole family… well, today was the day!

First we started with little Cain as he was celebrating his 2nd Birthday.. with Trains as his party theme we decided to shoot at the old (and dead) train tracks by the Quartermaster Depot… and I just love his smile while playing with his toy trains.

After we were done with the big boy shots, we then move to the family portraits, walking around the Quartermaster Depot on a lovely but a bit windy day.

These are just some of my favorites of this session.


©2014 Veronica Swallow Photography



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