A different kind of shoot….

I was recently by a friend “are you completely terrified of snakes?”…and my response was “yes to poisonous, not really to other harmless snakes”… But in all honesty I had never been so close to a snake before…she told me her husband some snakes and was considering starting a business and needed pictures of the snakes… 30 of them!!!  I started having some ideas of what props to get, and I was getting really excited!..

The day finally gets here, and I’m feeling excited but very nervous at the same time…. So as soon as I finish setting up backdrop I ask to hold one… the biggest one, which according to him are a bit slower when they move… it was an amazing feeling, maybe it was the adrenaline but holding a ball phyton in my hands, the cold the soft and rubbery skin and the slow movement… wow!..

and then the session started.. it was awesome.. it was definitely a different kind of shoot..

and here they are, enjoy this beautiful creatures:

©2013 Veronica Swallow Photography


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