It’s laundry time!

On a lovely Saturday morning I joined these adorable sisters to do “pretend” laundry!… After I was asked to do a session for them, I had the perfect idea of what to do in their session.. I’m not going to take full credit for the idea, as it was pinterest/another blog inspired…. Only put my sprinkles of creativity here and there to make it my own… I wanted that retro look, with their outfits, props, and the post-editing style I think they turned out as I was envisioned them….

Join me on their adventure at the Laundromat!

Rumor has it that this is the best Laundromat in town…..We’re ready to do our Laundry….  Color first, then the load of whites….This washer is huge, I can’t even reach very well…

Ummmm… is it ready yest Sis???….

What about now?.. ready yet?…I guess we should go get a refreshment…

Maybe there’s a better way to kill time…. 3Reading our favorite magazine?….Riding the laundry basket?

Umm.. maybe playing the classic video game arcades?

Ok Sis, it’s time to use the dryer….Can you reach?… not me..

rules were made to be broken…

This laundry business it’s a lot of work…And fun too!Look!.. I’m done and I still have some coins.. what should we get?_MG_1500 copyGum balls!!!…. don’t forget to save at least one so we can call Daddy…

All done Dad, can you come get us?

Thanks for doing Laundry with me Sis, you’re the best!Daddy should be here soon.. let’s just wait here.   

© 2013 Veronica Swallow Photography


2 thoughts on “It’s laundry time!

  1. I am absolutely, completely, and totally in love. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job and tremendous patients you had with the girls. Thank you, thank you!

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