From Yuma, AZ to Ontario, CA : A homecoming story

This is the story of a Princess waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor… well, not really, although it does involve a really pretty Lady waiting for her Husband to come back home after 8 months of being deployed in Afghanistan… So, no castle or glass slippers, but it does have a happy ending!… and the story of our Journey begins right here:

Yuma, AZ – I met Lauren at her house at 10am.. all ready to go got in the car….

Our Route?… CA-86 N and I-10 Ontario, CA bound… about 236 miles (3 hours and 42 minutes)

Listening to music, and having good conversations time went by super fast… Barely any traffic, good weather and pretty scenery.. That all equals to a great trip!

As we got closer the excitement and anticipation got bigger.. we’re almost there!

We’re finally here (2:00 pm)… Just a brief stop to get gas and have lunch and we drove to where we were going to pick up Andrew!

We arrived to the location, and had few issues and bumps in the road due to some misunderstandings, but we were there and despite those issues the only thing we could really do was wait for his arrival….

As we waited for their airplane to land, we heard and saw many airplanes flew in and out the airport…. by this time, anticipation was really killing us…

If I’m not mistaken their plane landed at about 4pm, but it took an extra 45 minutes to almost and hour for them to come out…

They had to get their bags and follow some protocol before they could meet their families…

and then…. the moment we had being waiting for…

and now I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves….

Yes!!! he’s finally here… 2 thumbs up!…

Welcome Home Captain!!!!

We left Ontario,CA at 6:00pm…. just a few more hours to get home!

Sun down… moon up… we’re almost home..

10:00pm… arrived to our Final destination… 12 hours of an emotional journey… Happy Ending and the beginning of their new journey to create new memories together!

Thank you Lauren and Andrew to allow me to capture this amazing memories!… It meant the world to me..


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© 2013 Veronica Swallow Photography


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