Entering the world of Boudoir Photography

This year one of my new year’s resolution was to explore different areas of the photography world such as Lifestyle, Birth & Boudoir photography… I was recently asked to do a Boudoir session and as my very first one to shoot I was a bit nervous and didn’t really know what to expect, even though we discuss some of the poses and ideas for the session several months prior we actually shot it… As the minutes went by I was feeling very comfortable and inspired… What I truly liked the most about this type of sessions was that I can be a bit more creative and artistic with my camera, angles and while editing, which allows me as well to feature the natural beauty of this women… the pace of the session is a bit slower too, not as rushed and more posed than a family or children’s session…

After I did my first session I got a second and third request…. all I can say is I LOVE Boudoir Photography!!!…

I won’t post most of this photos as I want these intimate pictures to remain private… But some of the ones of my second session, that aren’t as revealing I am allowed to post and share with you…. so here they are.







If you’re interested in a Boudoir session or would like more information, please contact me:  veronica.swallow@gmail.com

© 2013 Veronica Swallow Photography


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