Back in November I did the ” Who are you thankful to?” giveaway.. I received several nominations and people voted for their favorites. The person Who received the most votes and won was JJ, she was nominated by her daughter Savannah who wrote the following:18590_338792646218327_1393672389_n

I would like to nominate mother:) she is one of the strongest and caring people I know. She puts up with so much more than she should have too. My mom has always just adopted the kids around her wether they be my sister and I’s friends or kids who just need help. She has always been the one all my friends call momma. She is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has a sarcastic attitude and will do anything to make someone else laugh. She works hard to provide for her family and things haven’t always worked out the way she would have liked but she has NEVER let that stop her. She recently just married her high school sweetheart after they had been apart for 17 years. They both never stopped loving each other. My mom is the most important person in my life an the one I nominate and that I am most thankful for! – Savannah.

Finally, after a few months, she contacted me to get this session done. Her and her family were so much fun and we had a fantastic time, and of course we captured some amazing memories for her. Check them out!


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