“Eye” see…. you and me!

As I’m sitting here editing my Easter mini session pictures, I zoomed in to a little girl’s eyes and saw a perfect reflection of her mommy smiling, my assistant Laci with the reflector and me taking pictures.. It’s amazing!!! I then started wondering if any other pictures I have taken show a reflection so clearly.. I will do some re-search and let you know..!!!

Most of you don’t know what’s going on behind cameras, unless you’re there… there’s usually a lot of talking, cheering, being silly, singing, anything we can do to make the kiddos show us the best smile.. and this picture, well her eyes, show it all…

This first picture is the shot I took.. you probably can’t see the reflection in detail…



look a little closer….

_MG_2173 copy


and maybe a little bit closer….

just eye



oh there we are!… pretty cool, huh!…. I’m going to start checking every single eye, maybe I can put together another story to share with you.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more of… well… my photos!


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