You + Me = LOVE

Ah, there’s nothing that I like more than taking pictures of couples in love… The way they look at each other with that magic and sparkle coming out of their eyes.. It makes my job a bit easier because i just have to think about the technical and creative stuff, they take care of posing and putting their touch of magic into the picture… This morning’s session was super fun, and despite the cold and wind we manage to survive and to capture some amazing moments….

Here are some of today’s pictures. Enjoy!

_MG_4880 copy

_MG_4882 copy

_MG_4893 copy

_MG_4905 copy

This one took 3 takes, but it was perfect…

_MG_4936 copy

_MG_5035 copy

I loved it when I asked them what they wanted written on the board, and they said they wanted the date they started dating… Isn’t it adorable??

_MG_4988 copy

_MG_5000 copy

_MG_5014 copy

_MG_5097 color

and my personal favorite…..

_MG_4945 copy



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