A “mini” mass production

Putting together a mini session requires not only a lot of planning beforehand, but also a bit of work afterwards. Between downloading pictures, selecting the favorites, editing, burning CD’s and making them all pretty for the client to see, many, many hours go by. Just as the “busy Fall season”, mini sessions can be a little overwhelming due to the fact that you’re working with several families at a time. I have my little system going over  here, which allows me to be more efficient, and I want to share it with you.

This is what happens in Veronica Swallow’s office after long hours of editing Valentine’s mini session’s pictures of 11 families.

After editing the pictures and organizing the files per family I start to burn the CD’s. As I’m working with several at the same time, I try to put a temporary label on each one so I don’t end up sending a family the wrong pictures.. I make sure I’m very careful during this process, messing up here can mean not only embarrassment and lots of apologies, but also some precious time wasted.

_MG_4822 copy

OK, now that CD’s are in the case I print the personalized CD label. I choose from one of my favorite edited pictures from the session, it makes it look pretty and more professional looking, in my opinion.

_MG_4824 copy

Once labels are all printed, I go ahead and carefully place them on the CD. By this time we’re half way post-production.

Don’t they look pretty?

_MG_4834 copy

Ok, CD’s are ready, what’s left to do? you may ask. Well, I like to add a nice touch to make my awesome clients feel a bit special. An unexpected gift from me to them (although after reading this post it might not be unexpected anymore, LOL) Anyways, I decided since it’s one of my favorite Holidays of the year I’d add a personalized picture postcard for Valentine’s day. To speed things up, I used one of  the amazing templates from squijoo.com

_MG_4849 copy

You just have to add your favorite picture, and print!

_MG_4853 copy

and don’t feel too bad for me for all this hard work, I try to enjoy a glass of my favorite red while working at the computer!

_MG_4856 copy

Now that all the postcards are ready, time to address and stuff the envelopes, and we will be on our way to the post office.

_MG_4837 copy

So now you can expect your YELLOW envelope to arrive in the next day or so, and when you do, think about all the LOVE that was put into it!

_MG_4842 copy


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