Picture perfect

How many times you’re in a session and you see the most amazing candid moment going on, and you don’t wan to miss it, but wait… what’s that behind them?.. is there really a trash can there?.. no time to re-position yourself, it’s a matter of a hundred of a second when you have to make the decision to click or lose the moment.

I am one who thinks “less is more”, and really try my hardest to do as least as I can in Photoshop to edit the picture. I like to call it ENHANCING. The beauty of the picture is there already, but there’s something missing, or there’s something there that is becoming a visual distraction or simply you want to create a more artistic photograph. So, what to do?… Well , this is the time when the cloning tool, layering and masking all come in handy.

Let me show you a few examples of what I have done.


This was one of the first ones that I did recently. They started walking and I was trying to find the right angle, and they were getting closer and closer, so I just dropped down to the floor and started shooting. The pole was bothering me, but I knew it was going to be fixable. A bit of work but totally worth it.


Here in Yuma we have beautiful parks, but one of my pet-peeves is the fact that there’s a trash can per square inch. NO I’m not kidding, is like they’re trying to tell you something, like “Sorry, this is not a place to take beautiful pictures”. I really wanted a picture of Lauren and Andrew on the swings and this was the best angle, but look at that humongous trash can back there. After removing it,  I really didn’t like the color version, so I tried it out in B&W and loved it!


Here’s another swing example, same park as above. Here the issue is the blue pole sticking out of her head. Since we’re not looking at the rest of the playground structure, it really doesn’t belong here and it’s a bit distracting to the eye. Final result, much more appealing to the eye.4


What happens when mommy goes all out for the cake smash session and matches all the colors perfectly from the outfit and cake to the decorations, and the photographer (me) shows up with a beautiful antique chair with the wrong hue of blue. So while editing I just adjusted the color of the chair to match her outfit.


When you see that ugly abandoned building and think “hmm, this has potential” and then you see the wires all the way through the building and think, is it really worth it?… I think with this particular image, it was totally worth it, what do you think? (don’t forget to look at the squished bottle on the floor in between his legs.. yes I clean up trash as well).


And last but not least, one of my favorite edits so far. Candid picture of a beautiful couple, a very sunny day, and this was the best angle to position them. As I’m editing and looking at the picture, there was something that I didn’t like. It took me a while, but the image didn’t speak to me and was about to put it in the “do not use” folder (yes I have one of those). Then, a brilliant idea, maybe if I added some blue sky and some clouds.. WELL, I think the image speaks for itself, but I think it was a very well made decision. Love, love, love the final image!

My clients deserve a perfect picture, and I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver one.

One of my favorite quotes:

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.  ~Ansel Adams

Think Pink

One of my favorite things to do is planning for a maternity session, it’s fun, gives me a chance to get creative and even crafty. Listening to the mommy-to-be’s ideas and coming up with ways to show the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming arrival of the new baby..

This session was “in the works” for a couple of months, and I was extremely pleased with the results. I just love, love, love how the pictures turned out!..

Meet the Halls, and baby girl who’s on it’s way: Taylor Brooke.












Prepare for the unexpected

Before getting ready for a particular session I take several things in consideration, the location, the time of the day, my clients’ ideas, poses, and even some ideas of how I’m going to edit all of these images. However, most of the times, I haven’t met my clients, I do not know if they will be camera shy, or they will be suggesting poses on their own, so even all the “planned stuff” sometimes look way different than expected. But what I love the most about my job, is that split second when you’re able to capture incredible unexpected moments. Images that you wouldn’t have been able to shoot even with some planning.

This is an example of what I’m talking about. She’s Danielle, a dancer who currently lives in Chicago. She came to Yuma for the Holidays to spend time with her family, and I was hired to take family pictures. By the end of the session she was showing us her amazing talent, and I was able to capture it all… every single second of it!