Love is in the air

It’s a fact that you should celebrate LOVE and the ones you love every single day, but in February you have to over do it. Valentine’s is without a doubt my favorite holiday. What’s not to like? Red? is a beautiful color, mostly related with love. Chocolates? are most popular in this month. Flowers? mmm.. they just smell delicious.. Diamonds? well, one would hope to get those more often, but they’re still related to love and romanticism even when you don’t get them, right?…

As my favorite holiday, I put extra love and time in preparation for the Valentine’s mini sessions.. not that I don’t in the normal sessions, but these are just a little extra special… I always get nervous to think about how the sessions are going to go, or if I chose the right location. This time I decided to have a trial session just to make sure that all was executed as planned. and guess what? the results exceeded my expectations, as usual.

Perfect location + Amazing weather + Perfect light + Cute Props + ADORABLE model = Perfection and cuteness!!!..

But I’m not going to say anything else, see for yourself!

_MG_0023 copy

_MG_0146 copy

_MG_0293 copy

_MG_0311 copy

_MG_0356 copy

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Salute a little soldier

I believe that the beauty of a picture is not necessarily related to the color, technique used, the quality of the image or even the subject itself, but the emotions that creates when you look at it. There’s very few pictures that I’ve taken that have provoked such intense emotions, and this one is definitely one of them.

“I can never again see a UNITED STATES MARINE without experiencing a feeling of reverence” 

                                                                                                                                      – GEN. JOHNSON, U.S. ARMY



One of my favorite sessions is the smash cake, not only I get to be a bit more creative but it’s super fun!… This time I decided to make the backdrop and a big number 1 for Greyson to hold. It was a bit time consuming, but kept me busy and also was 100% worth my time and effort. So, Greyson’s mommy and I emailed back and forth a million times to make sure we had all the details covered. Color scheme all matched up with decor, props, cake and outfit. We had to change the date due to extreme cold conditions, yes I know, that’s unheard of here in Yuma. It was just PER-FEC-TION!

Cake was made by lovely Karina @ Petite Jolie Sweets ( who will be making all of the smash cakes for my sessions.

Well, I will stop typing right now, as i know you are anxious to meet Greyson.

Happy 1st Birthday little man!














_MG_9406 _MG_9417




and after all was over, we had to take the family picture, after all, this was a Family Affair!